Petition to the United Nations for a just and fair tax system in Canada

Petition to the United Nations for a just and fair tax system in Canada
It is an extremely unfair tax system penalizing middle class taxpayers in Canada who cannot deduct any employment expenses including cost of renting an accommodation in the place of work, cost of transportation to work, expenses related to business use of private vehicle, use of private tools and equipment to do the required work, use of safety equipment not provided by employers, business use of office space et cetera. The Canadian Government beaurocrats are reviewing income taxes filed for previous years, refusing to allow any employment expenses which are not refunded by employers and which are the condition of employment in the first place and are demanding payments of thousands of dollars, what is causing the workers to quit and discontinue their employment contracts with the employers. By denying any employment expenses it no longer makes sense to travel to work hundreds of kilometers away as there are no similar jobs in the original place of residence, renting an apartment which is a condition of employment and using private vehicle for a company business for deliveries and personal tools and equipment. Now Canadian beaurocrats go back to previous years and demanding huge payments from the workers what often makes them break the employment contracts and quit or declare bankruptcy. We simply ask that the tax system will be just and improved and all back payments will be returned back to workers fairly and justly claiming these expenses.

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Petition to: The United Nations
"because the Canadian tax system has proved itself to be unfair and unjust to hardworking Canadians taxpayers"