To unite all christian rock artists on one festival for the glory of God.

To unite all christian rock artists on one festival for the glory of God.
The idea is simple - to get attention of all artist, not only those from the music scene but all those, whoever are able to help make this thing happen. So our job is to sign and spread that petition, wherever We can. Go with it to Skillet, P.O.D., Lacey Sturm, Fireflight, Brian Head Welch, Demon Hunter ... etc. Go to all those christian bands You know. Share it to your friends, go to to your favourite musician, actor, politic, any kind of VIP which You admire or You know they may help to achieve our goal. But what is goal? The goal is to give glory to God on one big christian stage filled with the best christian metal, artists and bands. The goal is to arrange the biggest festival with christian metal and rock. The goal is, to accumulate as many people we can in one place, here in California and to worship God. Goal is, to send a message, to whole world that rock music fans are also followers of Jesus. That California is not only about silicon valley, pursuit money, gangs, drugs and homeless people. Let's show to the world, that between all this evil things spreading all over the earth, there's still love, hope and faith and we are strongly believe and we are awaiting for that finally goodness will overcome evil. I am just an ordinary man and I realize that, none of us don't have this power to make that great event could ever happen, just by himself. But I also know : “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” MT19,26. As an example of what we want to achieve, I can give events like world youth days and this huge event in Ghana, Africa

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Petition to: All goodwill people who can help organize it
"If You read the Bible You know that end of our times may be near. There is so much going on on our planet. That may really indicate for upcoming end of the world and second coming of our savior (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, terrorism ...). Well, we don't know that for sure, all we can is to guess and make sure we are prepared like the wise girls from one of Bible parable. So that's another reason why, we should join together and show to the Lord, in strong message that despite the we are all just a sinner, we try to follow his law from all our heart and He is the only one whose we worship and whose we expect. If You listen to rock and metal so You already know thats is not easy to be Jesus follower and keep listening all of those bands that sounds good, but they use pentagrams, inverted crosses, goats heads and many other satanic symbols. I had hard times to explain to myself that those symbols are not just a part of metal world image - this symbols actually have their exact meaning. If You believe in God and Jesus, You also have to believe in Satan. If You believe in Satan, so You also know that, as same as We worship our Lord, so they worship devil as well. Those symbols are used to achive evil goals by the evil people on whole world, during the satanic masses. Such are the facts - no matter what You say to yourself - it's not gonna change what it really means. But thats just me and I'm not here to tell You what You should do - God gave You free will and His law, now it's your choice what will You do with it. Over time, I began to appreciate artists who could write a good rock song without using the word "F @ # k" in every line of the lyrics and break through in this music business, without provoking controversy and scandals by using satanic symbol etc."