Start Banning Loopers!!

Start Banning Loopers!!
Sign the petition against loopers in Dead By Daylight game! This is not a "tactic". People who are looping destroy the whole game. Why? It's hard to catch someone when they are almost as fast as you by exploiting hitboxes. When survivor is looping- I try to catch, I lose. Everyone should have at least one chance to kill and imagine when survivor will find you on the start of a game and loop. You have lost already. It doesn't make any sense. I lost my rank million times because of loopers, and now I feel like there's more and more loopers these days. It's really bad. Let's show creators of DBD how much we hate them!

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Petition to: Dave Richard, Ash Pannel, Behaviour Interactive
""I know a lot of people who left Dead By Daylight because of loopers. It's really sad. I won't be surprised if in few years survivors will be only loopers. People are going to leave if this won't change. We can't let that happen. We have to save DBD community. ""