Hungry Cells - Update The Game

Hungry Cells - Update The Game
* is very important *1. bigger map on party mode *2. add levels 3. optimalize the game (FPS) 4. fix the lag 5. add more skins (for levels too) 6. add chat in the game *7. make better anti-teaming *8. hire admins and ban cross-teamers 9. make physics (popsplit is very hard now) 10. more updates 11. make better spectating mode 12. make servers with other gamemodes

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Petition to: Hungry Cells Developer
"Every pro Hungry Cells player loves this game and don't want be pissed when he plays it. Now on team mode we can't have fun because of cross-teamers.. this is very annoying and new players may uninstall this game because of this We know that many of these things needs money and work, but thing like bigger party mode map is very necessary. Now there are 1 dominating team that savaging everyone, and this is boring for small teams and for them too. Levels will make game more interesting and bring more fun and players with this (and money) We know that you're creating new game (minecraft). But please dont forget about other games and players "