Honor his Blues!

Honor his Blues!
Hello my name is Heather Michelle Nuzum and me and my four older siblings were adopted as young kids, but for some reasons I will not mention in here my older brother Steven Robert Nuzum was a constant target of their hate and rage. They'll gone out of their way to hurt him in the past. I'm starting this petition because recently he contacted our adoptive mother ( Joanne) in request for his childhood pictures and his pictures of himself in his military Blues (uniform) and she being the way she is wanted to hurt him further blocked him on all forms of social media and from being able to contact her by phone. In other words denying his request for photos he wants to pass down to his daughters some day. He is a good man who works hard and provides for his family and he served this country and served it well. I think that he should have the only thing he has ever asked for and that is just photos of his past. Photos that are rightfully his to began with.

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Petition to: Scott and Joanne Nuzum
"This is someone's life their past that he want to share with his daughters and his wife. Let's honor him and let's bring home what belongs to him!"